About Cheryl Nichols:

Head Occupied Home Stager, Redesigner, and Organizer

 I have been arranging, redesigning, and organizing household, and public spaces for as long as  I can remember. Pleasant, functional, and peaceful surroundings have also been important to me; 

 whether it was my personal place, an office, or my clients home. I want to help others love, and function  well in their surroundings too. It is rewarding to assist my clients in enjoying their home or office again.


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  • Occupied Home Staging is a huge part of presenting a house on the real estate market. It is more than packing your personal items away; it's making an emotional connect with the buyer to your home. To feel like a home to the online buyer; the MLS photograph must be worth a thousand words.

  • ReDesign is using items in your home that you already love, adding new elements, and sometimes even a new placement of your items; for a home you are proud of, and enjoy even more!​​

  • Organization in a home doesn’t mean you have purge your home of everything you love: You just need some systems in place to fit your lifestyle.​


  • Holiday Decorating by enhancing any of the Holiday decor that you already love, adding new elements; for a festive, and care free season.

Tel: 559.417.6494

Fresno, CA 93720